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To be a follower of Jesus Christ is to be on mission.

The essential mission of the church is the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, that all may be led to acknowledge Him as the Savior and Lord. Our mission seeks to spread the gospel to all worldwide and incorporate all into the church. We actively support over 42 missionaries sent around the globe, 37 of whom are sent from Linworth, their home church.


Franklinton Connection

The first Saturday of every month, Linworth participates in the Lower Lights Ministry by providing meals for families in Franklinton. We bring the meals to Lower Lights Church and have a family-style meal with local families. The meal is followed by a spiritual devotion for adults and children. We are always in need of people from Linworth to not only provide the meal, but to also join the families for dinner. If you have questions or would like to participate, contact Pastor Aaron.


The Bluffsview Project

Each year, Linworth seeks to invest in the lives of children in our community by partnering with the local elementary school, Bluffsview Elementary. In addition to supplying backpacks, school supplies, boots and gloves to students who need them, we also provide encouragement to the teachers and staff who educate and support the children of Bluffsview.


Operation Christmas Child

Every Fall, Linworth partners with Samaritain's Purse for Operation Christmas Child. A great way for adults and kids alike to get involved and have an impact for Jesus. Shoeboxes are packed with gifts for a child across the world and collected at Linworth during a specified time period. As shoebox gifts are distributed around the world, local pastors or church leaders present the Gospel in a fun way designed for kids while family and friends listen in. Along with their shoebox gift, children also receive the greatest gift, a colorful presentation of the gospel in their own language.



Education is key to community transformation. Across Honduras, there is a new emphasis on technical education during high school. Over their years in Choluteca, our missionaries, Larry and Angie Overholt, have seen the desperate need for trained, certified nurses. Thanks to Angie’s nursing background and their network of relationships, they were able to work directly with the Honduras Minister of Education in getting the "Instituto Educativo de Transformación Integral" (IETI) school approved. The technical high school of nursing opened in February 2017. They currently have 15 students and are recruiting for next year's class of 30. The academically rigorous program is taught from a Christian worldview. It is the first technical nursing program in Honduras.


Partners In Missions

Our Partners in Missions group meets the last Tuesday of every month. This group organizes the missionary cupboard (a collection of items useful to missionaries), sends regular, personal correspondence to each missionary, sends cards for special occasions, prays regularly for each missionary, gives toward missionary special needs, and updates information on each missionary and ministry to keep the congregation up to date with our Missionary of the Month program!


Our Missionaries

We are committed to the support of those reaching the world. We actively send and support over 42 missionaries who take with them the message of Jesus - across the globe and locally.

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Missions Administration

Linworth has a Missions Committee which consists of the Senior Pastor and the Deacon Board to give direction to the missions program. The third Wednesday evening prayer time of each month is devoted to praying for missions. Linworth provides financial support to over thirty missionaries and missions. In addition, short-term missions support is awarded each year to a few of our young people participating in a missions experience lasting a year or less.