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Wednesday - Chicago Day THREE

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Hello church family!  It is currently 11:30ish here in Chicago and today was another day full of unexpected encounters.  From the second the little munchkins came in the door, they were eager for attention and ready to have fun.  Some highlights of the stations was a pretty magical mermaid cereal snack, some eager loose tooth wiggling, and a game of Simon (Mrs. Ward) Says (lets not talk about how I got out the third round).  After the day camp wrapped up, we were quickly faced with our evening activity, helping with ICI's middle school youth group.  We listened to a Bible study that involved the theme of "Freedom" and the students were allowed to ask a panel of leaders questions such as "when did you experience freedom in Christ" and "what do we do when God asks us to follow Him, but He also asks us to obey the government that we are currently under (which sometimes does not reflect the nature of God).  These questions led to a very interesting time with the middle schoolers, and ICI even had a student come into a relationship with Christ following the discussion.  After the study, things got a little, well, unreal.  We did a selfie style group scavenger hunt with the students in which we had to do a Fortnight dance with a stranger off the street (he was not amused), shove into a shower, and have a stranger sign one of the middle schoolers feet (if you made a face at that, me too).  After this, we went back into the gym and played the chaotic tag game fittingly titled "Everyone's it" in which as it sounds, everyone was it.  Following this, 3 of our youth students bravely sacrificed their taste buds and their pride and agreed to race to eat a "mystery item" which was quickly revealed to be something wrapped in a diaper with the one rule that you could not use your hands.  Later told to the students, the students were told that the "mystery item" consisted of sardines, baby food, french fries, and sprinkles (yum!).  2/3 of the students have recovered, and the 1/3 left is pushing through.  Our 1/3, Jadon Montgomery, described the experience as "traumatizing, horrific, and a 1 star review on Yelp".  Lets hope his taste buds come back at some point.  As our day comes to a close, we thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, and we continue to be ready to listen and learn to what God is teaching us this week with these kiddos here in Chicago.

P.S. Brad is alive and well at his Dad's house, thank you for your concerns

Nadia Crace


What's up y'all, today was pretty packed and our day was busy from noon to nine.  Since Brad wasn't here today, Owen Ryan and I had to lead a group the whole day, so our group was a little rowdy. There is one kid in particular who is particularly rowdy: LOUIS.  The first thing he sees he'll punch and we had to take him to timeout(he does not want to go to timeout).  But the real story kicks off after the little kids left and the junior highers came in.  The were pretty cool and we had a cool lesson and a scavenger hunt after.  Everything was going smooth as silk until the very end right before dismissal.  As Nadia described, we had diapers full of a bunch of disgusting food to eat and my group volunteered me to eat the atrocity.  So as the wonderfully kind man I am i went up and Jadon Montgomery, Lydia Miller and I were handed the diapers.  They counted us down to start and as I have been told Lydia took one bite and gave up but Jadon went all the way till the end (What a man).  I on the other hand was cheered on gagging and about six or seven bites in I vomit all the food up and that's when I thought I should give up.  The cool thing is though, I got points for throwing up and I think my team was happy about that. Well, that's most of the fun stuff that happened today and it's been a great time so far and I've learned a lot see y'all soon!

Tyson Smith






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