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Tuesday - Chicago Day TWO

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Chicago day 2 was completely different from day 1. The kids at day camp actually listened for the most part and apart from a few instances we had a good time leading them around. It's definitely becoming easier to connect to them and build relationships as well as a basic level of trust. I worked with Grace to run the Gift Station and that went really well too. The kids were engaged and enjoyed what we had planned and it was really kind of cool to see them get into it. After day camp, we took the train and went into the city for a fun night out. After an uneventful ride on the pink line, we arrived in the city, where we walked about a block to millennial park to see The Bean. From there we split into two groups. All of the guys went with Jason to see Trump tower and get pizza while the girls decided to follow Aaron and the rest of the leaders down Michigan Avenue. We got popcorn and coffee and then split again. I went with a bunch of other girls and Brad (Jadon AGGRESSIVELY wants me to call him papa Sherf so I put this in to appease him) to Navy pier while Aaron's group continued shopping. Anyway if you've made it this far here's the fun part - I'm tired of making this professional so I'm just going to try to make this a good time. Basically our group ended up getting lost in the park, we got back to the rest of the group 30 minutes late and we were all exhausted. We met a really mean security guard who wouldn't let us cross the bridge to get to The Bean. We like would say anything to her and she'd say no like we would ask for directions and she would just be like "No." and I don't know but it was weird and I don't know, but whatever. Oh and we saw an adult man running shirtless through the fountain at Navy Pier and he wasn't with anyone like he was doing this on his own for fun I guess?? So then we like finally got back with the group and got on the train to go home and there was puke all over the car but we were like far too tired to move so we just sat around it. At one point some guy wearing the most dad sunglasses I've ever seen walked in and like very nearly stepped in it but then we all yelled at him and he kind of avoided it. Oh and at some point Brad left I guess and I don't know where he is but I guess Aaron might, I don't know. Anyway sorry this is a lot, Jadon keeps making fun of me because this is a novel like he keeps calling it my "New York Times best seller" so if you've made it this far you're a real trooper and I hope you have a nice day thanks. God bless and Go 'neers

Ava Clark - novelist 


Day 2 in Chicago we woke up had some food then we got ready for the kids to come we set up games for them to play when they first got here then we split up with our groups. Jason, Ethan, and I are leading the 5th through 6th grade boys. They are a rowdy group of boys but are starting to get used to us. After we finished with the day camp we all ate tacos for dinner then we got ready to go to downtown Chicago. We took a train there and once we got there we went and saw the bean which was dope then the boys all went to get pizza and see trump tower except for Aaron. He went with the girls as a security guard. Trump tower was pretty sweet by the way. then we all met back at the bean and left and came back, did our bible study, then we hit the hay. 

Cody Moffitt