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Monday - Chicago Day One!

Posted by Various Authors on

Today was definitely full of surprises. We have planned for this trip for a couple of months now, and things did not go exactly as we had planned. There are a lot more kids than expected, and we all were placed in jobs that we did not necessarily know needed to be done. Thankfully, our group has been very flexible and willing to take on any task. However, it is a very different type of child interaction than at VBS and Scioto Hills. In those environments, it does not take a lot of effort to connect with kids, but here it has been a little harder, which has been humbling. It is only the first day, so as the week progresses I am praying we will be able to develop deeper relationships with these kids. Thank you all for your prayers, looking forward to giving a deeper description when we return. 
Lydia Miller 

The first day here was very interesting. It had lots of ups and downs in the day. The day did not really go as we had planned and have been training for the past few months. Everyone reacted very well to this though. Every person was very flexible and handled their tasks well.  The day camp is set up in a VBS style. We take the kids around to different activities to do. The kids though are more difficult to control. For example this was the first time I was physically abused by a kindergarten boy in my life. Lots of people are very worn out and tired so please pray for patience and to give us extra energy through out the day.
Landon Ward

So grateful for our wonderful leaders who sprung into action (and Sam's Club) to plan a week's worth of meals for our students on the fly.