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Friday - Chicago Day FIVE

Posted by Various Authors on

Hello everyone! I have been working on the gift team this week which means I get to do something with the kids that doesn't fall into the game or craft category. You can imagine my excitement when I was told we were replacing our planned activities with VBS DANCES! I was pumped and very optimistic going into today because I love VBS. Everything was going fairly well until the third and fourth grade boys came in. This was when our dance rehearsal began to fall apart at the seams. I think Tyson mentioned Louis yesterday and he's very cute but he tried to climb up the metal framing for the windows (yikes). I got a bit of a break with some other groups but then came the fifth and sixth grade boys. As you can imagine, most thirteen-year-old boys from the Chicago area actually don't want to dance and sing to VBS music! Luckily, Ethan Ryan was their group leader and happened to have choreographed one of the songs we were working on, so then it was automatically cool. Ava Clark and I may have bribed them with a game involving candy but they all participated! We finished up with day camp around 5pm and then headed straight downstairs to do crowd control for the elementary school kids that were staying for club from 5pm-8pm. Now THAT was an adventure. It was a long 3 hours of trying to keep kids that are already tired from day camp focused. But we worked together and got through it and I ended up meeting some of the best little kids! They were superstars. I'll close by saying I am very excited to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night. Thanks for reading!

Grace Lance 

Hello everyone, today was our fifth and final day doing day camp. My role is being one of the leaders of the fifth and sixth graders along with Cody and Jason, but for today Jason was teaching the Bible lesson so then Brad filled in. How today went was overall good and bad. There are only four main troublemakers in my group which is Manny, Esteban, Alex, and the most difficult one which is basically the leader of the pack, Nate. Nate was doing bad today until he got three dots which managed to calm him down a little but the worst one today was Manny, because he got four whole dots! The first one of his dots was because he attempted to pants me but thankfully failed because my pants were tied, and the second one was because he slapped the back of my neck for no reason and it kinda hurt, but the rest of the dots were from him not listening and not paying attention. As the day went on it got way better, for example when we had to go to do group gifts it went very well as you can tell from what Grace said. We were teaching them songs and at first i thought it would be a giant disaster because you know these kids are crazy, but I don't know what it was that made them behave but it was awesome. After day camp there was club which means the kids stay for about three more hours and its pretty much like another day camp all over again. It all went smooth because the kids have already done the day camp and it seemed to have calmed them down, and I only had to give out three dots. Finally, this whole time I've been writing this it is currently 1:36 am and everyone is right next to me playing catch phrases and they are screaming so loud I can barley hear myself think and It is very hard to to type this right now but this is the end of my update.

Ethan Ryan




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