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As part of our September Series, "Pursuing Jesus Together on Sunday Morning" we spoke about Ephesians 5:15-19 and the importance of singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart. We have put together some of our favorite songs that we have sung as a congregation in the past few years for all to enjoy.

Click on the title of each song title to hear it on YouTube.

Or, you can find the links to iTunes and Spotify, below:


This modern arrangement of “The Solid Rock” reminds us that Christ is the foundation that the church is built on. It encourages us to remember that “through the storm He is still Lord of all”.

Lion and the Lamb 
“Who can stop the Lord almighty?” The song encourages our congregation to put our confidence in a strong God who fights for us, yet loves us in a personal, intimate way.

In Christ Alone
This long time favorite of Linworth walks us through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then calls us to place our identity in Christ and Christ alone.

Behold our God 
In 2016, this song became an anthem for our church, and we still love to sing this song. It calls us to behold the wonder of who our God is and instills confidence in us as we lift high our God who will reign forever.

The Power of the Cross
This song helps us reflect on the beauty of the cross and its impact on
humanity. Both the choir and the worship team has enjoyed using this song to help us remember Jesus’ selfless sacrifice.

O Praise The Name (Anástasis)
Jesus deserves all of our praise. This song does a great job fixing our
mind and heart on Christ and the hope that He has given us.

O Church Arise
This song is a battle cry for the church to unite and move in action to do what Christ has called us to do. Throughout the lyrics we are challenged to rise and shine the light of Jesus to the world around us.

Jesus, Thank You
A grateful heart will always lead to passionate worship. The simplicity of telling Jesus thank you is surrounded by the rich theology of the mystery of the cross.

Boldly I Approach (Art of Celebration)
The veil has been torn in two! We often forget to find joy in
the simple truth that we have access to the presence of God. This song invites the congregation to celebrate the good news that we are able to worship Jesus freely, without fear.

Ever Be
Our worship should not be reserved for only Sunday mornings. Our lives should always be giving Christ praise each day. This song reminds us to always have His praise on our lips, because we
have a reason to sing!

Be Thou My Vision (O God Be My Everything)
This modern hymn arrangement is a prayer for believers to rearrange their priorities. In a culture of busyness and materialism, it is important for us to be reminded that nothing can satisfy us like our great Treasure.

He Will Hold Me Fast
This song does a great job reminding us that Christ is with us through times of suffering. As we sing, we are reminded that God is in control even in the times that seem the most confusing.

All I Have is Christ
This song has always challenged our church to not just make Jesus a part of our life, but to ask the question, “Is Jesus my life?” This song features bold lyrics that never shy away from strong

By Faith
A few years ago, our church did a series on the study of faith. We introduced this song, and it has become a Linworth favorite. The lyrics of this song do a great job of walking through the scriptures
and explaining how genuine faith has impacted the church for generations.

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Jesus is ruling and reigning on His throne. This great hymn commands us to lift high the name of Jesus, and helps us as a congregation to humble ourselves as we
approach our King in worship.

I Stand Amazed
We are called to sing, and this song challenges us that our song should always be one of rejoicing in our Savior’s love. As a congregation, it is great to be reminded that we have always been pursued by Christ, despite our rebellious hearts.

And Can it Be
This song has been a longtime Linworth favorite. The lyrics of this song tell a powerful story of redemption and God’s radical love for His creation.

It is Well With My Soul
This hymn provides the listener with the reminder that there is hope in
tragedy. We are called to praise the Lord in all seasons of life, and the end of this hymn reminds us that Jesus is coming to make the broken new again.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness
In Hebrews 13:8, it says that “Jesus is the same. Yesterday, today, and
forever.” This hymn reminds us to walk with our faithful God each day on this journey of sanctification. “Morning by morning new mercies I see!”

Praise to the Lord the Almighty
This hymn is a rally cry for the church to worship with spirit and in
truth. The first three verses declare why we should be give God our worship, and the fourth verse calls us to praise Him with everything in our being. “Let the amen sound from His people again!”