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Safe Families Partnership

Linworth is excited to be a partnering church with Safe Families for Children Central Ohio.

Safe Families is committed to serving families who are in crisis and socially isolated with the gospel in both word and deed. Safe Families engages the local church in family preservation through Biblical hospitality. The main objectives of Safe Families are family support/stabilization, preventing abuse and neglect, keeping kids out of foster care when not needed, and reducing/repairing childhood trauma. 

There are several ways you can get involved in this ministry at Linworth:

  • Host Families: Screened and approved by Safe Families, Host Families take in children for short periods of time.
  • Family Friends: They provide support to Families in Need (e.g., mentoring and transportation) and Host Families (e.g., babysitting and providing meals).
  • Resource Friends: They provide various types of goods and services to Families in Need to help parents get back on their feet.
  • Family Coaches: They are trained to provide resources and casework-like services to Families in Crisis. They also ensure that kids are well cared for in Host Family homes.

Want to know more about how you can get involved? Contact  to learn more.