Vacation Bible School

Mornings June 23-27



Evenings June 22-26



Jambo (hello in Swahili) and welcome to Africa—a land of extremes. From the Serengeti plains to the Kilimanjaro mountaintops, extreme heat to extreme cold, big game animals to rainforest bugs, volcanoes to glaciers, Africa offers a trip of a lifetime!

Camp Kilimanjaro, the latest Answers VBS, captures the excitement of it all! As we head to Base Camp near Mount Kilimanjaro (the largest free standing mountain in the world), we’ll experience a life-changing, epic expedition through Proverbs.

Our trekkers will learn to have:

  • Ears that hear and do
  • Hearts that trust in the Lord
  • Tongues that are tame
  • Hands that get to work
  • Feet that walk with the wise

It’s high adventure at its best!! Thrilling? You bet! Relevant? Absolutely! Practical? Every bit of it! So get excited to safari (journey) with us because our trekkers won’t want to miss even one minute of the day.

And speaking of our day, it begins when everyone meets at Base Camp for the opening assembly, a high-energy gathering which includes entertaining intros, rockin’ songs, a missions moment, The Big Five Time, and prayer.

Then we trek off to rotate through four fun sites:

  • High Adventure Lesson Time, where God’s Word is cherished and taught in hands-on, engaging ways
  • Safari Science and Crafts, where trekkers experience a wide array of science experiments and crafts to complete
  • Grassland Games, where the game guides immerse the trekkers in games that provide thrills and chills
  • Summit Snacks, where the trekkers are served top-of-the-world treats

After completing the day’s excursions, everyone heads back to Base Camp for the closing assembly, which includes more singing, contest results, and the highly anticipated daily drama. The drama features a quirky news crew trekking to Mount K in hopes of landing the story of a lifetime for their viewers back home. Instead, in the midst of laughter, tears, twists and turns, they find themselves confronted with some powerful lessons from God’s Word.

It all promises to be one epic experience, so let’s lace up those hiking boots, grab our gear, and head to Camp Kilimanjaro!

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