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Ministry Opportunities

Children’s Ministries


Contact: Ellen Harvey or Jennifer Peasley 

Responsibilities: Our nursery ministry is for children ages 0 -2 years old.  We strive to provide a clean, safe and nurturing environment for our children.  This ministry operates during both services each Sunday morning, some Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings from Sept-May for our AWANA volunteers.  Our nursery can use volunteers aged 12 and older, both male and female. The main duties of volunteering include helping to maintain a clean and safe environment,  rocking infants, playing with children, diapering and bathroom needs (female volunteers only).

Time commitment: One service every month or every other month


Contact: Jeremy Chandler

Responsibilities: Awana is a fun time for both kids and adults and provides an opportunity to share Christ to kids at a young age.  Volunteer have the opportunity to work with kids from 3 years old – 6th grade.   Each night is divided into several different activity times including game time, section time (where kids recite Bible verses or have other Bible related activities), Bible counsel time (which is a short Bible devotional time), and for the younger ages, craft time.  Volunteers are needed to help with any age group as they move through the activities.  With around 175 kids in our current program, any way volunteers would like to serve would be greatly welcomed.

Time commitment: Every Sunday night during the school year from 5:30 - 7 PM.


Contact: Molly King or Sheri Lichtensteiger 

Responsibilities: VBS requires an army of volunteers to make this highly anticipated week possible. We need people who build, decorate, sing, teach, lead, feed, and make crafts. This is such a fun week for all our children and volunteers!

Time commitment: Varies depending on your area of interest

Preschool Ministries

Contact: Sheri Lichtensteiger

Responsibilities: Our preschool ministry serves our children ages 2- Kindergarten through weekly programming and special events. We strive to provide a fun and safe environment while encouraging spiritual growth and development through Bible teaching  and the example of our volunteers.  The preschool program requires a variety of volunteers.  Our volunteer positions include:

Lead Teacher - Our lead teachers prepare and teach the lessons each week as well as planning and implementing additional activities for the children.  Additionally, our lead teachers play with and encourage our children.  Each teacher is provided with the curriculum and resources. Lead Teachers  are typically scheduled for 2 months throughout the year during either 1st or 2nd service.  We can use volunteers age 18 and up, both male and female.

Classroom Helper - Our classroom helpers assist the lead teacher each week by helping maintain the classroom, assisting with activities, playing with and encouraging our children.  Classroom Helpers are typically scheduled for 2 months throughout the year during either 1st or 2nd service.  We can use volunteers age 11 and up, both male and female.

Hall Monitor- Each week we have a female Hall Monitor (18+ yrs) to assist our teachers and helpers.  The Hall Monitors help with bathroom breaks, diaper changes, obtaining resources for the classrooms, child check-in, directing parents to the proper classrooms.  This position also monitors the preschool area for any suspicious activity and reports to security.  Hall Monitors are typically scheduled during  1 service per month.

Special Events Volunteers- Our preschool ministry runs special events throughout the year and can use volunteers in many roles from planning and organizing to staffing the event.

Time commitment: Lead teachers and classroom helpers are typically scheduled for two months each year during the 9 or 11 AM service. Hall monitors are scheduled for one service each month.  

Elementary Sunday School

Contact: Molly King 

Responsibilities: Our Sunday schools are designed to be more of a small group setting for our children in grades 1st-5th grades. Therefore, it requires a little more commitment on the part of our volunteers. In Sunday school, our children have a regular teacher every week who is able to really get to know the children and their hearts at a deeper level.

Time commitment: Sunday Mornings at 9:30 or 11 AM


Youth Ministry

6th-12th grade

Contact: Pastor Aaron Fourman 

Responsibilities: We are looking for people who are passionate about helping teenagers grow to maturity in Jesus Christ. We want our youth here at Linworth to love God, love others, and share Christ..... now. We don't want them to wait until they are older. We need as many people as possible to pour into them to encourage them to this end. You would be hanging out with kids and discipling them to be more like Jesus. If you have a particular gift or passion we would help you use that as well to impact our youth.

Time commitment: Every Wednesday from 7-8:30 PM with occasional special events.

Adult Ministries

Adult Bible Fellowships

Contact: Pastor Steve Smith 


  • Bible Teacher - To lead the ABF in learning through Bible teaching.
  • Care Leader - To help care for the individual members of the ABF.
  • Outreach Leader -To help coordinate service opportunities for the ABF.
  • Social coordinator -To help generate fellowship within the ABF and coordinate and plan class socials.

Time commitment: Varies


Leadership Team

Contact: Pastor Bill Montgomery

Responsibilities: The leadership team helps to plan events, facilitate Bible studies and small groups, and engage in discipleship.

Time commitment: Varies

127 Home Maintenance Ministry

Contact: Bill Montgomery

Responsibilities: The purpose of the 127 group  is to help people  who do not have the ability to do home maintenence projects for themselves.  On the first Saturday of the month, they meet at the church for pastries and prayer, and then leave for their jobs, so they can start at 8 AM and typically finish by 10 AM

Time commitment: The first Saturday of each month from 7:15 - 10 AM.

Building & Grounds

Contact: Austin Frantz

Responsibilities:  Completing special projects and repairs around the church property.

Time commitment:  The first Tuesday of each month from 6 - 8 PM

Women’s Ministries

Contact: Candace Dolph

Responsibilities: Discipling, helping to plan and carry out special events, Bluffsview lunches, prayer chain, visit the elderly and shut ins.

Time commitment: Varies

First Impressions


Contact: Jenny Basye

Responsibilities: Volunteers are responsible for directing guests to a Sunday School class, taking them to the nursery or children's classes, and providing information  on upcoming events.  Each guest is given a coffee cup filled with chocolates and coffee packets.  We also ask each guest to fill out an information card.

Time commitment: One Sunday morning every other month.


Contact: Curtis Lichtensteiger or Ray Harvey 

Responsibilities: Working as a team to assist those attending our services with parking, aid in helping individuals with mobility challenges getting into the services, directing new individuals to the correct part of the building, distributing umbrellas and helping to escort people when it’s raining, and providing an overall positive first impression to everyone as they first enter our facilities.  No formal training is required.

Time commitment: One Sunday morning each month from 10:10am - 10:55am.


Contact: Erin Clark

Responsibilities: To work as a greeter, you must love Jesus, like people, be prompt, cheerful, and helpful. A greeter needs to lovingly welcome all people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and/or appearance. As the first face of Linworth Baptist Church, they set the tone for how welcome a new person feels. They also need to be able to hold the door open and stand on their feet for at least some of this time, and assist as necessary. They must be able to direct newcomers to the welcome desk and other information areas.

Time commitment: Before one of our Sunday morning services, as scheduled

Seating Directors

Contact: Pastor Steve Smith

Responsibilities: The ushers arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the service and assist people in finding a seat.  

Time commitment: Before one of our Sunday morning services, as scheduled



Worship Band

Contact: Michael Clutz

Responsibilities: The Linworth Worship Band is a volunteer-based ministry, that uses talented and musically gifted individuals to serve the congregation each Sunday morning.  There are a few different worship teams that you can get involved with here at Linworth.  The music is multi-generational, and it is important that you have an attitude of flexibility in regards to music styles/song selection.

Time commitment: Practice is held at 7:30 AM on Sunday and an occasional Saturday, although most of the preparation is done on your own time during the week. Music is presented at portions of both Sunday morning services.


Contact: Dan Estes 

Responsibilities: In early December the choir presents the Christmas Lessons and Carols service, in addition to other special servces such as Good Friday and Easter. We invite interested singers without audition.  

Time commitment: Rehearsals are typically held on several Sunday evenings in advance of performances.



Contact: Michael Clutz 

Responsibilities: Helping to manage the sound equipment,  PowerPoint presentation, and video camera during the Sunday morning worship services.  

Time commitment: Monthly rotation


IFI (International Friendships)

Contact: Michele Kurfees

Responsibilities: International Friendships, Inc. (IFI) is a Christian organization serving international students at The Ohio State University.  Some of the areas for involvement include:

  • Airport Pickup and/or Temporary Housing
    – IFI provides the names, e-mail addresses and flight information for new students coming to OSU.  You can select students based on their arrival date/time, country, and gender to either provide transportation from the airport to your home or to the location where they will be staying.  If you choose to provide temporary housing, two to four days is the maximum commitment.
  • Conversational English Partner
    – Every year we have over 100 students requesting this service.  You would meet with your student for a few hours each week to help them with everyday English.  You and the student set the schedule.  Some suggestions including having coffee at McDonalds, walking, or dinner in your home.  This commitment is for three months, but can go longer if desired.  No special skills are required.
  • Other Activities
    – IFI sponsors many special events during the year, including:  a welcome picnic and a welcome party, a day trip to Hocking Hills.  Drivers are needed to take students furniture shopping (garage sales).  You may also like to be involved with the many Bible studies or special groups available such as wives or young mothers.

IFI does provide volunteer training to help you with cross-cultural issues.  For more detailed information on IFI, go to the IFI website at www.ifiusa.org.

Time commitment: Varies

Bluffsview Project

Contact: Kim Rostorfer or Lisa Wilson

Responsibilities: Bluffsview is an outreach program to support students and staff at a community school. Bluffsview has ongoing projects throughout the year.  You can choose to help with specific projects or join Lisa Wilson and Kim Rostorfer to help plan for the future. Specific projects, at present, are school supply collection in July and August, staff luncheons in October and February, purchase of coats and boots in winter, encouragement staff gifts given randomly and volunteering for their annual fun fair.

Time commitment: Varies

My Village Ministries

Contact: Amy Fourman or Kara Deffet

Responsibilities: My Village Ministries seeks to provide family preservation through Biblical hospitality. When a family is facing a crisis that makes it difficult for them to care for their children, they can call our referral line and find a host family that is able to host their children for a short period of time until they are back on their feet. During this time, the referring parent never loses custody of their children and has the right to be reunited with them whenever they desire. They will also be able to remain in close contact with them throughout the hosting. You can get involved as a host family, family coach, mentor, or even by providing meals or resources to host families as a care community.

Time commitment: Varies

Partners in Missions

Contact: Holly Voldrich 

Responsibilities:  Praying for our missionaries, putting together Christmas baskets for our Columbus missionaries, sending special occasion cards.

Time commitment:  Meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm for 1 - 2 hours.


Hospitality & Caring


Meal Ministry

Contact: Jenny Basye

Responsibilities:  Providing a meal for someone who has been in the hospital, had a baby, is sick or in need.

Time commitment:  Varies


Contact: Jenny Basye

Responsibilities:  Taking a person to a doctors appointment, grocery store or errand if they are not able to drive.

Time commitment:  Varies


Contact: Bill Montgomery

Responsibilities:  Visiting those in our church who are “shut-in” and may need help or just a visit.

Time commitment:  Varies

Social Event Help

Contact: Jenny Basye

Responsibilities:  Helping set up, serve, clean up or supply food for social events.  (Thanksgiving dinner, bereavement dinner, etc.)

Time commitment:  Varies

Van Ministry

Contact:  Greg Brubaker 

Responsibilities:  Driving the church van to pick up and return home for Sunday School and church.

Time commitment:  1 Sunday each month for 2 hours.

Special Needs Help

Contact: Molly King

Responsibilities:  To sit with and help children in Sunday School and Children’s Church who have special needs.

Time commitment:  Varies

Moving Ministry

Contact:  Greg Brubaker 

Responsibilities:  Help people who are moving to a new house.

Time commitment:  Varies

Office Help

Contact: Jenny Basye

Responsibilities:  To help out with copying, mailings, bulletins and other office jobs.

Time commitment:  Varies