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ABF Study: Life is a Journey

On January 6, we were thrilled to have Dr. Bill Mounce speak in the morning services to introduce our new all-church Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) study called, "Life is a Journey" starting January 13!

If you are not currently a part of an ABF, this is a great time to get started! Here is a list of all of the ABFs we currently offer on Sunday mornings. If you aren't able to attend, Here is a link to the study book.

Since our church has seen significant growth in the past few years, we wanted to make sure we are all on the same page as it relates to understanding the core ideas of Christianity, and what it means to daily follow Jesus. This is a great series to reinforce these truths and get established in the faith.

Miss a week? We will update this page weekly with each week's introduction as well as a link to the weekly video.

Week 12: Inviting Others to Walk With You (04.07.19)

Disciples are to make more disciples. This is one of the most joyous experiences of your life as you share how God made you alive, and he will do the same for your friends, neighbors, and others. This isn’t a frightening process; it is in fact natural for people who have been changed and are living changed lives. How will people respond to you? What is a “personal testimony”? How do I tell people they too can be a disciple of Jesus? What if they don’t like me?

Week 12 Video


Week 11: Walking Together (03.31.19)

While we become God’s children one disciple at a time, as children we are members of a new family with a new father, new brothers and sisters, and a new home. How do I relate to these people? Do I need to spend time with them? Is this an easy or difficult Page 5 task? How does the early church help us understand these issues? How does my love for God show itself to others?

Week 11 Video


Week 10: Walking With God (03.24.19)

When you became a Christian, you started to walk with God. It is a day-by-day process in which sin has less hold on your life and you more and more look like Jesus. But some days are more difficult than others, especially when difficult things happen. Why do these “bad things” happen? Can I keep back parts of myself from God if doing so helps me avoid pain? Are there any consequences to allowing sin in some parts of my life? What does it mean that Jesus is both “Savior” and “Lord”?

Week 10 Video

Week 9: The Holy Spirit (03.17.19)

Christians are monotheists; we believe in one God. But we are also Trinitarians; we believe in three “persons” of the Trinity — God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Who is this third member of the Trinity? What actually does he do? What is his on-going role in my life? What does it mean to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit? Do I have to do anything, or does he do all the work? Where would we be if it were not for the work of the Holy Spirit?

Week 9 Video

Week 8: What did Jesus do? (03.10.19)

Jesus did many things while on earth, but the most significant of all was dying on the cross. But what exactly happened? What was accomplished? What does the Bible mean when it talks about Jesus being the “Lamb of God”? Is there anything that can help me understand the significance of his death? Do I need to be reminded about it on a regular basis?

Week 8 Video


Week 7: Who is Jesus? (03.03.19)

Jesus is the best known person in history. He has had more effect on world history than any other leader or philosophy or political movement. Many people know the name, but who is he? What did he say about himself? What did his followers say about him? And what is the significance and relevance of these questions and our answers?

Week 7 Video

Week 6: Learning More About God (02.24.19)

When you became a Christian, you understood certain things about God. But did you know that he knows everything? That he is present everywhere? That he is all powerful? How then should we respond to a fuller knowledge of God? What is worship? How should we respond to what we know of God?

Week 6 Video

Week 5: Speaking with God (02.17.19)

Healthy communication requires not only listening but also talking. Prayer is simply talking with God, about anything and everything. He is our new father, and he wants to hear from you. How do you pray? What do you pray about? What if I have trouble listening to him speaking?

Week 5 Video


Week 4: Listening to God (02.10.19)

A crucial element of any relationship is communication, both listening and speaking. God has spoken to us two basic ways, through creation and through his Word, the Bible. What do the terms “inspiration,” “authority,” and “canonicity” mean? Can we trust the Bible? How do I listen to God as I read his word? Am I supposed to do anything beyond reading it?

Week 4 Video

Week 3: When You Stumble (02.03.19)

Even though God’s power is at work within you, helping you to become more like Jesus, you will stumble. This is not to remove the joy of your new faith; it is to prepare you for the joy of spiritual growth that lies ahead. God knows this and is not surprised, and it does not affect his commitment toward you. What is “sin”? Is temptation sin? How will you tell God that you sinned and are sorry? Does he forgive? Can you be cleansed?

Week 3 Video


Week 2: Change (01.27.19)

“Conversion” means you converted from one thing to another. In your case, you changed from not being a disciple of Jesus to being one. It also means that God is now at work in your life, starting to make you be more like Jesus. Does this surprise you? What actually happened when you became a Christian? What does this new life as a follower of Jesus look like? Does my life change automatically?

Week 2 Video

Week 1: Conversion (01.13.19)

It’s always a good idea to look back over your conversion experience. What do you think happened when you became a follower of Jesus Christ? Are you unclear about anything? Could you possibly have misunderstood anything? Did anything happen of which you might not be aware?

Week 1 Video

Study Introduction (01.06.19)

Bill Mounce introduced his study during our morning services.

Introduction Week Audio/Video