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COVID-19 Adult Ministries

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Crucifixion - A Medical Perspective 

We are fortunate to have as part of our church family, Dr. Larry Lytle, a doctor of internal medicine. Dr. Lytle takes internal medicine principles, medical science, secular history, archeology, and common sense to work through how Jesus actually died so that we can better understand the weight of what Jesus endured paying the price for our sins.



April 5 Update

Reflecting on the Final Days of Jesus

Starting today, we will provide daily Scripture readings and a daily summary article from Desiring God all week to remember and reflect on what went on during Jesus' final days before his crucifixion. We hope this helps you set the tone for the weight of Good Friday and ultimately, the joy of Easter! Visit the page HERE.


March 26 Update

Explore Spring Daily Devotional

The Spring Explore Daily Devotional book starts on April 1! You can access these digitally by downloading the Explore Daily Devotional app on your Apple and Android Devices HERE.

If you would like to pick up a hard copy of the Spring Devotional now, contact the church office for details on a pickup.

Men's Ministry Book Recommendation

While we are all home with our kids, we wanted to highlight the book Bible Reading With Your Kids, by Jon Nielson. This book is a short, practical guide for Christian fathers on reading the Bible with their children, why it's essential, and how to actually do it. 



March 20 Update

We know that depending on your stage of life, career field, and family circumstances, some of you have extra time at home right now, while some have less time. It is our hope and prayer for each of you that wherever you are, that you are able to connect with a group at least once a week, and continue to get into the Word at least once a day. Here are the updates for each area of ministry, and some tools and resources to connect with others and get into the Word during this unprecedented time.


Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs)

One of our favorite parts of Sunday morning is coming together as a community of believers to share life and dive into God's Word as a smaller community within Linworth. While we aren't able to meet in person, Pastor Steve has been in communication with our ABF leaders this week. Your ABF leader should be reaching out to your group in the coming week (week of March 22) to discuss options for virtual connection.

Outside of these virtual gatherings, we encourage each ABF attender to check in with others in your group. Call one another, pray together, encourage one another, and be aware of any needs that may arise within your ABF - specifically with anyone who is self quarantined, quarantined, in a medical profession, or a first responder.


Bible Studies

Similar to our ABFs, if you are a part of a Men or Women's Bible Study, our staff has been in contact with our Men's & Women's Ministry leaders about options regarding virtual studies during this time. You should hear from your Study Leader in the coming week (March 22). Have any questions? Reach out to Denise McDaniel at  or Pastor Steve at



Kim will continue to reach out to our Linworth MOPS community through the Linworth MOPS Facebook Page.


Life on Life Discipleship

Many of you have already been meeting regularly with an individual or small group. We encourage you to keep these relationships going during this time! Whether via ZOOM (see below) or phone, this is a vital time to stay connected and get into the Word with one another.

HERE is more information about Life on Life Discipleship and a guide for your meetings.

Are you interested in being paired with an adult or student for 1-on-1 Discipleship during this time? Click HERE to fill out this form so we can help you find somebody to connect with.


Daily Quiet Time/Devotional

There are still a few weeks left in our Winter Explore Daily Devotional books! If you didn't pick one up, you can access these digitally by downloading the Explore Daily Devotional app on your Apple and Android Devices HERE.

The Spring Explore Daily Devotional starts on April 1. If you have the app, you can access it digitally. If you would like to pick up a hard copy of the Spring Devotional now, call the church office for details on a pickup. If you don't have access to the digital version, let us know and we can deliver/mail the Spring book to you.


Music & Worship

While we look forward to joining together to worship and sing songs of praise together soon, we are grateful for our Music & Worship Director, Michael Clutz, who has been working on some playlists on Spotify and YouTube for you to listen to at home.


You can create a free Spotify account and listen and sing along to many of the songs that we sing as a congregation each week HERE.


No account needed. Access our playlist, below - or use your own YouTube account and search for Linworth Baptist Church to find our playlist.


Connect Your Group Through ZOOM

Are you a small group or Bible study leader interested in learning how to keep your group connected during this time? 

Would you like to start a small group or Bible study during this time?

We encourage you to take a look and utilize video conferencing through ZOOM, HERE.

Contact Pastor Steve at  if you need help figuring out how to connect for free through ZOOM.



We know that this is already a challenging time for many of you, and that as time goes on, there will be more specific prayer requests. We would love to be praying for you, specifically, during this time. As always, our "Submit a Prayer Request" link under the Resources tab of our website is still available. In addition to the ability to ask for prayer during our weekly staff time, we have added a place for you to indicate that you have a prayer request that you would like to send to our COVID-19 Prayer Team. If you are interested in being a part of our COVID-19 Prayer Team and receiving updates on specific ways to pray, and specific people to pray for during this time, let us know HERE



For those who would like some additional opportunities, here are a few additional resources you can access from home.

RightNow Media

If you are a parent, we hope that you have already accessed this service for your kids. If you haven't, or if you don't have kids, this is also a fantastic resource for adults! RightNow Media is a huge library of original Bible study videos that people can access anytime, anywhere, and this resource is made available free to those who are a part of Linworth Baptist Church. Simply email  and say "Sign Me Up for RightNow Media!"


Biblical Training Classes

If you are looking for additional ways to equip yourself during this time, we encourage you to check out this site! This is a free resource that provides life-changing courses on the Bible and theology from top Biblical professors for people who are passionate about their spiritual growth. You will need to set up a free account and then enroll in any class you would like to work through. Click HERE to visit the site.