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Our Missionaries

We are committed to the support of those reaching the world.

We actively send and support over 42 missionaries who take with them the message of Jesus - across the globe and locally.  The following are our missionaries that we support as a church. Due to the sensitive nature of the location of some of our missionaries, some are not listed.


Fred & Dana Andre

Baltimore & Washington D.C.

Serving with Cru in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area. Contact Fred.


Bacho & Laura Bordjadze

The Ohio State University

Mission team leader with RealLife, a division of Cru at The Ohio State University. Contact Bacho.


Kendall & Lois Borthwick

Mid-Atlantic Region.

Working with Cru in the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact Lois.


Jordan & Emily Browning

The Ohio State University

Serving with RealLife, a division of Cru at The Ohio State University. Contact and .


Ken & Pam Dady

Ohio & Kentucky

Serving with Word of Life, Local Church Ministry in Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Contact Ken and learn more about the Dady's ministries.


Mark & Sheri Daubenmier

Kijabe, Kenya

Teaching at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya with African Inland Mission. Contact Mark and learn more about the Daubenmier's ministries.


Mark & Erika Fertig

East Asia

Serving in a secure location this summer. Contact Mark about the Fertig's ministry.


Mark & Diane Guiett

Gallup, NM

Telling the story of Jesus in every language with Global Recordings Network USA (http://grnusa.net/). Learn more about the Guiett's ministries. Learn more about the Guiett's ministries.


Brian & Mandi Hanson


Serving with GateKeepers Ministries in Ohio. Contact the Hansons.


Dick & Sara Hart


Serving and ministering in Bolivia. Contact the Harts and and learn more about their ministries.


Kieth & Debby Jones


Planting churches in Italy through EBM. Contact Kieth.


Roy & Nancy Jones

Campo Real, Spain

Serving in church ministries in Campo Real, Spain. Learn more about the Jones' ministry.


Karem & Buse Koc

Antalya, Turkey

Native to and serving Antalya, Turkey. Learn more about the Koc's ministry.


Jeff & Beth Lotza

Asia & Africa

Field Strategy Coordinator & Regional Field Leader with Global Hope in Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Contact Jeff.


Ken & Joyce Layton

Penn State University

Serving Penn State University through Navigators International Student Ministry. Contact the Laytons and  learn more about their ministries.


John & Marjorie Malanowski


Planting churches in Indonesia through WBF. Contact John and learn more about the Malanowski's ministries.


Mark McDaniel

Manila, Philippines

Serving with Faith Academy in the Philippines. Learn more about Mark's ministry.


Emily Moll


Serving with OC International in the Philippines. Learn more about Emily's ministry.


Joshua & Bethany Montgomery


Serving with Cru at Rice University and the University of Houston in Texas. Contact Joshua.


Bill & Peggy Mowry

Columbus, OH

Serving through Navigator Church Ministries, here in Columbus. Learn more about the Mowry's ministries.


Phyllis Oblander


Serving with Christar in the Philippines. Contact Phyllis.



Nancy Robertson

Philadelphia, PA

Serving with Navigators in Pennsylvania. Learn more about Nancy's ministry.


Tom & Julie Rode

The Ohio State University

Serving and Discipling athletes at The Ohio State University. Contact Tom.


Steve & Pam Schenk

Columbus, OH

Serving with AWANA Clubs, here in Columbus. Learn more about the Schenk's ministries.


Steve & Vicki Stairs

Cape Town, South Africa

Serving through ABWE, planting churches and teaching in South Africa. Learn more about the Stairs' ministries.


Mark & Jenny Steinbach

Orlando, FL

Serving with Cru in Orlando, Florida since 1981. Contact Mark and and learn more about Steinbach's ministries.


Bill & Debbie Tobias

Papua, New Guinea

Serving through ABWE, planting churches in New Guinea. Contact Bill



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